30,000 tubes, thousands of stickers, miles of ‘fragile’ tape, hundreds of wines, hundred of producers, thousands of attendees, two panels… it’s been a wild month as the sampling partner for the 2021 digital London Wine Fair. 

Our whole team pitched in to make the sampling operation run as smoothly as possible over the past few weeks. Wines were carefully transferred to our 50ml ‘taste tubes’, labelled, checked and double checked, packed and addressed. Thousands of packs have now been sent out for virtual masterclasses and at home tasting.

Delivering virtual tastings has been a lifeline for businesses and their customers over the past year. They enable producers and distributors to stay connected, generate new leads and promote their latest products. We were delighted to play such a in important part in helping this element of the London Wine Fair go ahead in 2021.

As well as tasting, the London Wine Fair allows for networking and ideas sharing through a series of panel discussions and masterclasses. Borough Wines flew the flag for sustainability in two panels: ‘How do you run a sustainable business?’ and ‘Can wine be part of the circular economy?’. Our discussions with industry experts really highlighted the confusion around the definition of sustainability, how we can be clearer to consumers and the importance of pushing reuse up the sustainability agenda: recycling simply doesn’t go far enough. We’ve taken actions such as publishing our Sustainability Manifesto and doubling down on our reuse commitment with our three sustainable wine formats: Return Bottle, VinoTap™ and Wine-on-Tap. Over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring some the issues raised in a series of posts: watch this space for more!

If you signed up to the London Wine Fair you can access recordings of the masterclasses and panels for another 3 months. Next year the event will be a hybrid digital-physical event: we hope to see you there, be it in person or online, to see what another year of innovation can bring!