Let’s go Alfresco! Trade Tasting – 23 & 25 March

We have a few spaces left for our Online Trade Tastings of our #zerowaste wine range!

Tues 23 March 3pm – Pubs, bas & restaurants with outdoor spaces
Thurs 25 March 3pm – Sustainable events companies, festivals & caterers

Our innovative Bottle Return scheme and our Wine-on-Tap Reusable Kegs provide a sustainable wine solution helping the environment, but they also create a convenient and faff free solution to your logistics and operations.

Register your details and we will send out samples of 6 wines from our Zero Waste wine range, so you are ready to log on and taste with our panel.

Register your details by Thursday 11 March.

Here are the google forms for doing so:
23 Mar – https://forms.gle/14AReqvDimsw9uZN6
25 Mar – https://forms.gle/14AReqvDimsw9uZN6

We look forward to you joining us!
Let’s go alfresco!