No citrus involved is involved in the making of orange wine, although you may get aromas of marmalade, clementine and orange blossom…

Orange wine is essentially white wine made the same way as red wine. Grapes are crushed and left to macerate on their skins instead of being separated quickly, as most white wines are made. This extracts colour, flavour, tannin and aromas, creating a fuller body, richer mouthfeel and more complex flavours. As well as those clementine like citrus notes, common flavours include quince, apricot, melon, honey and toasted nuts. 

Orange wines have been made for centuries but have only recently made a mainstream comeback. Italy is leading the charge with the Northern regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Emilia-Romagna producing some beautifully balanced examples.

Our latest addition to the Zero Waste wine range is just that: a natural orange wine from Tre Monti in Emilia-Romagna made from the indigenous Albana grape, which has grown almost exclusively in this area for over a thousand years. Twenty days of skin contact result in a bright golden orange hue and delicious flavours of peach, melon and bitter almond. Check out the full tech sheet here.

Orange wines make excellent food pairing wines: their fuller body and gentle tannins are an excellent match for spicier dishes, filled pasta and white meats.