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Apples & Bees (East Sheen)

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Mountain Wine


Red fruit nose, precise and pure palate. A complex and mineral wine, a true reflection of its mountainous terroir.

This vibrant Garnacha is the perfect accompaniment to lamb leg steaks, and also works well with creamy cheeses.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Sauvignon Blanc, France


This Sauvignon Blanc is a lively and elegant dry white wine. The nose is precise and very aromatic. Its fruity character is marked by tropical fruit and grapefruit. Round and ample on the palate, with a long finish.

Ideal to accompany fish or light white meats, vegetable dishes such as grilled asparagus, or as an aperitif.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Garnacha Rosé

garnacha rose

The nose has intense floral notes, and notes of apple and pear, together with a touch of strawberry and grapefruit. The taste is crisp and lively, smooth and refreshing in the mouth with a delightful, clean finish, with notes of red fruit and flowers.

The ideal picnic wine, this light fresh rose works just as well as an aperitif as it does with vibrant salads, crudités, tortilla and quiches.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Vino Rosso


A juicy red wine for all occasions: medium-bodied, soft and easy-drinking, with red fruit flavours and notes of cherry and plum.

Ideal as an aperitif, with tomato based sauces or grilled dishes.