Borough WInes Refill Wines - Vin Rouge

Vin de France Rouge

Beautiful cherry colour, red fruit nose with blackcurrant notes. On the palate, this wine is a delight from the first sip: well-balanced, with good body and roundness.

A great pairing with white meats and grilled food.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Vin Blanc


Bright citrus colour, very intense on the nose, rich in aromas of fresh pineapple and peach. On the palate it is round and full, with a good balance between freshness and acidity. Refreshing citrus notes on the finish.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Provence Rosé

Vin de France Rosé

Lovely salmon pink colour, red fruits on the nose with strawberry notes. This is a very pleasant wine with well balanced freshness and roundness.

Ideal as an aperitif, with salads or grilled dishes.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Vino Rosso


A juicy red wine for all occasions: medium-bodied, soft and easy-drinking, with red fruit flavours and notes of cherry and plum.

Ideal as an aperitif, with tomato based sauces or grilled dishes.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Vino Bianco


A well-balanced and easy-drinking white wine: dry and crisp,
with notes of citrus, white fruit and blossom.

Ideal as an aperitif, with salads or grilled dishes.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Bordeaux Sauvignon


Zesty citrus and fresh grass on the nose, with a lovely dash of exotic fruits. Creamy rounded spice note on the palate with an intense lemon flavour.

White meats and fish with herby sauces work beautifully with the fresh, crisp flavours. The hint of exotic fruit pairs it well with gently spiced Asian cuisine also.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Bordeaux Supérieur


Rich, powerful and fruity on the nose, this modern-style Bordeaux Supérieur exhibits aromas of blackberry, blueberry jam with spicy and toasted notes on the palate. A very fresh Bordeaux wine.

This modern, bright Bordeaux pairs very well with classic French pate, terrines and charcuterie and mild cheeses. You also can’t go wrong with steak and chips!

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Bordeaux Rosé


Lovely salmon pink colour, red fruits on the nose with strawberry notes. This is a very pleasant wine with well balanced freshness and roundness.

Ideal as an aperitif, with salads or grilled dishes.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Petit Verdot


Ruby red colour with aromas that evolve from herbal and spicy notes to concentrated violets, currants, raspberries and Tuscan spices. There’s perfect harmony on the palate, with juicy tannins and vibrant acidity.

Petit Verdot’s full body and tannic structure can handle deep flavours and spicy heat. Pair with rosemary roasted lamb or coq au vin.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Albana Orange


Bouquet: Elegant fragrances of melon and apricot, of honey and wildflowers Palate: Mouth-filling, conveying ripe peach and plum, pleasant bitter almond on the finish.

Best paired with fried seafood and fish soup, risottos, roast poultry and veal.

Borough Wines Refill Wines


A typically bright and ripe Alsatian Pinot Noir, benefitting from the warm, dry conditions of Alsace. Ripe red fruits including plum and cherry predominate, with bright redcurrant providing lively acidity.

A delightful red aperitif wine, also serve with with poultry, tapas, and red meats.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Côtes du Rhone


This wine is powerful and spicy, with layers of black fruit, cacao and oak. The flavours unfold on to a richly textured palate, with more black fruit and oak spice. The wine is full bodied, with firm tannins and a long finish.

Mediterranean fare always works well with this quintessentially Mediterranean wine: think rosemary, red pepper, sage and olives.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Touriga Nacional


Deep purple colour. Spiced bramble, cassis, plum and blackcurrant aromas. Immense flavour and richness. Firm tannins, yet a velvety texture.

With intense fruits and firm tannin this bold wine is suited to bold, rich flavours; roast beef or sirloin steak, portobello mushrooms with blue cheese or bring out the fruitiness with a lamb and prune tagine.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Sangiovese


Intense ruby red, it immediately offers aromas of cherry and strawberry, with perceptible notes of rose and sweet spice. The palate is full and flavoursome, thanks to velvety tannins in perfect harmony with the freshness, with a persistent fruity finish.

Richer cuts of pork would be an ideal pairing. It also works extremely well with tomato based pasta sauces.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Mencia


A black cherry, intensely violet hued wine. The nose highlights ripe red fruits, minerals and blue flowers. As fine and exquisite on the palate as it is fruity, fragrant, and full bodied.

Mencia pairs beautifully with pork dishes, or it would shine with roast turkey or a Spanish style chicken casserole. It’s also a perfect match with peppery charcuterie.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Piquepoul


Floral aromas with prevailing citrus notes on the palate. Vibrant acidity, a fruity character with a long finish.

Piquepoul was made for seafood; sushi, calamari, and shellfish are all ideal pairings.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Xarel-Lo


Pale yellow with greenish reflections, clean and bright. Ripe white fruit, citrus and floral background, touches of fennel and jasmine. Fresh, slightly fruity and silky with good acidity.

A classic Catalan paella with plenty of delicious seafood would be the perfect match for this classic Catalan variety.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Pinot Grigio


Very crisp. Intense nose of pear and green apple, followed by aromas of acacia flowers and honeycomb.

Ideal as an aperitif, it pairs well with appetizers, light soups, white risottos and fish dishes.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Tempranillo


A bright, medium bodied wine. Fruity with ripe red and black fruits: blackberry, red cherry and wild strawberry – silky, and well structured with soft tannins and a persistent finish.

This Tempranillo will stand up well to tomatoey sauces; try with traditional tapas such as Pan con Tomate and Patatas Bravas!

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Montepulciano


Intense, fruity with notes of maraschino cherry, spicy with notes of liquorice and vanilla.Balanced, harmonic, soft and round, with good persistence and body.

This vibrant Montepulciano is the ideal partner for pasta dishes, red meats, cured meats and aged cheeses.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Garnacha Rosé

garnacha rose

The nose has intense floral notes, and notes of apple and pear, together with a touch of strawberry and grapefruit. The taste is crisp and lively, smooth and refreshing in the mouth with a delightful, clean finish, with notes of red fruit and flowers.

The ideal picnic wine, this light fresh rose works just as well as an aperitif as it does with vibrant salads, crudités, tortilla and quiches.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Mountain Wine


Red fruit nose, precise and pure palate. A complex and mineral wine, a true reflection of its mountainous terroir.

This vibrant Garnacha is the perfect accompaniment to lamb leg steaks, and also works well with creamy cheeses.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Vinho Verde


A typical wine from the Vinho Verde demarcated region. Displays citrus colour. The aroma is elegant and complex with balsamic notes, white flowers and orange blossom. Crisp with freshness and minerality typical of the variety.

This refreshingly light wine is the perfect aperitif on a warm day: it’s perfect with fish, seafood and white meat dishes.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Sauvignon Blanc, France


This Sauvignon Blanc is a lively and elegant dry white wine. The nose is precise and very aromatic. Its fruity character is marked by tropical fruit and grapefruit. Round and ample on the palate, with a long finish.

Ideal to accompany fish or light white meats, vegetable dishes such as grilled asparagus, or as an aperitif.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Sauvignon Blanc, Chile


Brilliant pale yellow with pleasing aromas of peaches and undertones of citrus fruits; fresh and fruity on the palate with a zesty, racy acidity driving things along.

Ideal to accompany ceviche or sushi, fresh salads and green vegetables, or as an aperitif.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Frizzante


Delightfully light and fresh apple and pear notes with a gentle fizz.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Sangria


Fun, fresh and fruity with a Spanish red wine base. The ideal on-tap wine cocktail!

Borough Wines Refill Wines

vin de france – cabernet sauvignon

The nose leads with fresh blackcurrant and plum. A gentle cedar, savoury spice follows on the palate, which is well rounded with firm tannins and well balanced acidity.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a natural partner to rich red meats, but also pairs well with hard cheeses and robust vegetables: mushrooms, aubergines and earthy pulses would be ideal.

Borough Wines Refill Wines


The nose leads with fresh raspberry and cherry. Ripe red plum note on the palate accompanies supple, soft tannins, resulting in a juicy, well rounded mouthfeel.

Merlot is ideal with charcuterie, and a wide range of meat dishes: duck in plum sauce would be ideal. It also works particularly well with mediterranean vegetables: think ratatouille and stuffed peppers.

Borough Wines Refill Wines


Full of bright red fruits, black cherries, and violets, this Loire Gamay has been made with minimal intervention. Best served slightly chilled.

Great as an aperitif. A great partner for grilled meats and vegetables as well as cheeses.