Borough WInes Refill Wines - Sauvignon Blanc, France


This Sauvignon Blanc is a lively and elegant dry white wine. The nose is precise and very aromatic. Its fruity character is marked by tropical fruit and grapefruit. Round and ample on the palate, with a long finish.

Ideal to accompany fish or light white meats, vegetable dishes such as grilled asparagus, or as an aperitif.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Vino Rosso


A juicy red wine for all occasions: medium-bodied, soft and easy-drinking, with red fruit flavours and notes of cherry and plum.

Ideal as an aperitif, with tomato based sauces or grilled dishes.

Borough WInes Refill Wines - Vin Rouge

Vin de France Rouge

Beautiful cherry colour, red fruit nose with blackcurrant notes. On the palate, this wine is a delight from the first sip: well-balanced, with good body and roundness.

A great pairing with white meats and grilled food.