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Château Les Moriers

MEET Gilles & Anne Victoire Monrozier

Gilles and Family
Château Les Moriers – Artisan Fleurie
Château Les Moriers – Artisan Fleurie
The fruit is crunchy with red berries, black pepper and cherry notes. This wine is an easy-drinking lighter bodied wine from the château, where they make wines with more grip than most of Beaujolais.

Introduce yourself and your winery.

The Château Des Moriers is a family vineyard embedded in the north of the Beaujolais’ region in the cru Fleurie, at the border with Moulin-à-Vent. The Château faces La Brirette’s slopes where we grow our oldest vines (65 years old and beyond). The property is 9 ha on a poor soil of pink granites, the perfect match for our Gamay grapes to mature slowly. It produces elegant and crunchy wines with a good potential for aging.  Gilles, the winemaker, Pascale and Michel are the heart of the domain along with Gilles’ daughter Anne-Victoire (Vicky) and her brother and sister.

Briefly, what does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is a way to work with nature as a friend, give it space to develop by our side in harmony as well as sustaining our needs. A marriage made to last!

What steps are you taking to be more sustainable in your vineyard and winery?

We like to find new ways to make it work for our soils and vines. Using the water from the well to refrigerate our vats, using a light tractor, using organic fertilizers. We also deliver all our clients in Paris on a bike or an electric scooter!

Why did you make the choice to be organic? Are you certified, if not why not?

We are finally going organic! It took us some time to take the decision, because we have very limited staff at the winery. But it seemed essential to go together with our idea of sustainability and give our wines even more purity. 

Who is the unsung hero in your workforce?

The hero is not unsung, it’s Gilles, he works with his daughter Anne-Victoire who develops the wine range and sells all over the world but lives far away. Gilles handles most administrative tasks as well as vineyard work, vinification, Parisian delivery on an electric scooter. A real 360° winemaker. 

What impact do you think climate change will have in your region over the next few decades?

The weather might get hotter in Beaujolais, possibly giving place to ripper fruits, so even more fruity wines, and possibly new grapes varieties like Syrah.

Briefly describe your winemaking style.

We have a very lean style, pure and elegant. You’ve got the expression of the gamay fruit with some nice spices and tension. Revigorating! The wines visit more or less oak barrels, we use a bigger version than the classic Burgundy cask to leave less imprint on the wines but still help in age and give it some structure.

Which is your favourite grape variety to work with?

Gamay, what else? 

What would be the perfect food pairing for your wine?

Cheeses! There are infinite pairings with gamay and cheese. The trend is actually to pair them with white but gamay makes an exception with it’s light tannins and structure. 

How would you pitch your wine to a customer at a bar or restaurant?

Fleurie is a very versatile wine, never overpowering the food and really great to start the evening. It’s also light enough to be a “healthy” lunch option pairing very well with summer meals and rich white meat or pork dishes when it cleanses the palate. 

What do you think is the next big trend in the world of wine?

Lighter wines, new formats, more adaptable. The bottle return is a very nice example of what our future landscape could look like.