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Quinta de Santiago

MEET Joana Santiago

Joana Santiago
Quinta de Santiago – Women Winemakers Vinho Verde
Quinta de Santiago – Women Winemakers Vinho Verde
A typical wine from the Vinho Verde demarcated region: we love its fresh nose with balsamic notes and white flowers. Displays citrus colour. The aroma is elegant and complex with balsamic notes, white flowers and orange blossom. Crisp with freshness and minerality typical of the variety.

Introduce us to Quinta de Santiago:

Quinta de Santiago has been owned by my family since 1899. In 2009, from the determination and passion for wines of my Grandma “Mariazinha” the Quinta de Santiago boutique winery was born, and in 2011 we were able to stop selling our grapes to other producers and start making our own wines. Our artisan philosophy allows to passionately know and control all steps of the grape and wine production, each vine, each bottle, guaranteeing an exclusive and carefully created product.

What does sustainability mean to you? 

For me, sustainability is about producing wines that are always focused on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the those of future generations. It considers the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental (viticulture for me!), and social.

What steps are you taking to be more sustainable in your vineyard and winery?

We began with the groundwork for the planting of the vineyards, from the choice of materials used in the vines training to the cultivation techniques used throughout the vines lifecycle. These include adopting integrated production techniques, not using herbicides and co-planting species that are attractive to pollinating insects. We also work to improve the water retention of our soils, promote the development of flora and fauna that helps reduce disease pressure. We make good use of our waste, incorporating vine by-products (skins, leaves, pruning material) into our compost, as well as reducing packaging wherever possible.

We’re very concerned with the preservation of our water resources: water is seen as a precious asset and its use is consciously managed only when necessary. Quinta de Santiago was was the winner of the “Vineyard and Environment” award and also “Best Vineyard – Silver” in 2018. We are also a “founding member” of The Porto Protocol which aims precisely to establish a platform for sharing and learning sustainable practices in the sector. It’s important to share and learn from the experience of other producers.

Who is the unsung hero in your workforce?  

My father, who is in the vineyards all day, 365 days a year!

What would be the perfect food pairing for the wine you’re supplying to SustainableWineSolutions? 

It should be served with fish, seafood and white meat dishes.

How would you pitch your wine to a customer at a bar or restaurant? 

This wine is produced from grapes traditionally used in the Vinho Verde demarcated region, in Portugal. This truly genuine wine has all the quality characteristic of this exceptional area. It is distinguished by its richness, taste and aroma.Young, fresh, slightly feminine, elegant and  with perfect acidity.

What do you think is the next big trend in the world of wine?  

Terroir driven wines. Authentic wines that really express the grape variety and place they come from!