Meet the Maker
Tre Monti


Tre Monti- Natural Orange Albana
Deep golden yellow with fragrances of melon, apricot, honey and wildflowers. Peach, plum and bitter almond on the palate.
What does sustainability mean to Tre Monti?

Our concept of sustainability is centred in our everyday goal: to produce consistently better wines for many (many!) decades. This goal will be achievable only if our work has not just a neutral impact but rather an impact that absolutely improves our environmental, social and economic profile.

What steps are you taking to be more sustainable in your vineyard and winery?

We are working on several fronts. Sustainability is a shared responsibility in the wine chain. Each operator must be directly involved and must be responsible for the observance of minimum requirements falling within his competence phase. Sustainability must be assessed in the course of the entire product life cycle, according to the “from cradle to grave” approach, including:

– In the vineyard: monitoring and limiting water use, avoiding the use of any chemicals and protecting wild plants and animals that live in our estate.
– In the winery: monitoring electricity consumption, producing electricity with our own solar panel system and purchasing only from suppliers that are close to our winery.
– Distribution: improving our logistic system in order to minimise the carbon impact in the distribution, including replacing our vehicles with electric vehicles.

We have started the process to obtain the V.I.V.A. certification: we should have our first wines eligible for VIVA certification within this year.


For a very simple reason: we live here. This is our home and we want to treat it in the best possible way. 

Who is the unsung hero in your workforce?

Probably my nephew Francesco, part of the new generation. He is always looking for ways in which we can improve the environmental aspect of what we do.  

Briefly describe your winemaking style:

We use both natural and selected yeasts (it depends from the grapes we are working with and, of course, from the kind of wine we want to obtain). We filter as little as possible and avoid SO2 as much as possible.

How would you pitch your wine to a customer in a restaurant?

Let me suggest a wine that, probably, you’ve never tasted before!