Who We Are
Expertise and innovation for Wine on Tap and Bottle Return. All of our wine services are designed to deliver quality, convenience and sustainability for your business.

We began our journey at Borough Market in 2002 with our straight from the barrel, I–Will–Refill Wine–on–Tap concept. Since then we have evolved from retailer to wholesaler, bringing our expertise and innovation for Wine-on-Tap and Bottle Return to customers across the country.

We work with independent, sustainably minded winemakers to deliver a diverse, quality focused wine list. We favour a low-intervention approach, with organic, biodynamic, natural and vegan wines at the fore.

We have devised SustainableWineSolutions as the go to service provider for the trade’s sustainable wine needs, providing our Wine-on-Tap, VinoTap™ and Bottle Return Scheme. Our investment in a bottling and kegging facility in Greenwich Peninsula gives us complete control over our production process, with our reuse and refill focus allowing us to fully embrace the circular economy.

Our in-house team of operations and winery experts manage all elements of the supply chain from producer to your business, ensuring watertight quality control every step of the way.

Our Team
Muriel Chatel

The founder of Borough Wines, from a family of winemakers in Bergerac, Muriel led the way for wine refill in the U.K. with her ‘Straight from the Barrel’ concept at Borough Market in 2002. Over 18 years of experience and dedication to the concepts of refill, reuse and reduce has taught her a few things about running a sustainably focused business.

Corinna Pyke

With over 30 years’ experience spanning music, arts, regeneration and, most recently, food & drink, Marketing & Partnerships Director Corinna Pyke was instrumental in transforming Borough Wines into the renowned and well loved brand it is today, and has been passionately driving sustainability to the heart of everything they do.

Damien Barton

Damien is the 10th generation of the Barton Bordeaux wine dynasty responsible for Château Leoville-Barton and Château Mauvesin Barton. Impressed by our sustainability credentials, he approached Borough Wines with the idea for our most ambitious sustainability commitment yet; the ReturnBottle scheme.

Gavin Brooks

An experienced hospitality and retail professional, Gavin’s work has encompassed a vast range of sectors: from neighbourhood retailers and producers to Blue Chip market leaders. His key goal as Chief Operating Officer at Borough Wines is to cement our market position as the UK’s most sustainable wine wholesaler, all whilst keeping wine flowing smoothly to our customer base.

Catherine Stuart

Catherine is mainly found squirreling away on the Borough Wines socials and managing the Somm.Sessions – our live online wine tastings for public, private & corporate customers. Her background is in digital marketing and events for startups & big FMCG brands. A career break in conservation cemented a passion to work towards a world with less waste.


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Natacha Jaume

Previously an Architect and environmental engineer passionate about organic wine and its viticulture, Natacha embarked on a wine and food pairing journey with Borough Wines a decade ago. Taking the pulse of the wine industry and its relationship with the planet became the crucial drive in Natacha’s work, putting sustainability at the forefront of BW’s projects in her role as Sustainability Manager.

Orson Warr

Orson Warr is our London Sales Manager. Orson is a self taught WSET 3 wine buff with a passion for sustainable wine. After a career in fashion he decided to indulge in his passion for wine and worked various hands on roles at Westwell Wines whilst setting up his own business Urchin Wines in Margate. After 4 years of trading with Urchin Wines he has now joined the SWS sales team to bring his passion and expertise to our customers in the London and South East.

Who We Work With
Karl Franz
Sensible Wine Services

The tubes and the packaging look great and the freshness and longevity of the samples separate this process from all competitors. The service and reactivity of Borough Wines has been extremely helpful in what has been an impressive uptake from our clients. They have helped us develop and fill a gap in the market with an extremely premium product at a competitive price. Jonathan and the team at Borough Wines have been a joy to work with and we look forward to developing this partnership in the future.

Sarah Ley
Tower Theatre

18 months ago we chose Borough Wines as our supplier for the bar in our new theatre in Stoke Newington. Our aim was to supply a top notch range of wines with the minimum of waste and recycling. Job done! No piled-up cases of wines taking up storage space, No huge bags of noisy clanking empty bottles and great feedback from our customers. What’s not to like?

Inga Zubaviciute
Royal Lancaster London

We started working with Borough Wines for their innovative approach as we were looking for a partner for our sustainable restaurant Island Grill. Wines on tap is still the most sustainable solution in the market – and our best seller on the menu! Our guests love the wine and quality of it, we love knowing every biodegradable wine bag saves 32 glass bottles. Borough Wines supported us along the way and continue to do so.

Becka Whiteley

Sustainability is built into Shambala’s DNA and it’s incredibly important to us to reduce waste and emissions wherever possible. This is why we were very excited to start working with Borough Wine Imports last year, who offer the most sustainable solution currently possible to wine sourcing. The wine is shipped in tanks from Europe which circumvents the bottling process – saving a huge amount of energy! Once it gets to the UK, it’s transferred into reusable kegs and then dispensed through taps into our reusable festival cups. It’s a total win win, and a perfect match with our values as an organisation.

Jim Gore
Global Wine Academy

I have been using the rebottling service provided by Borough Wines since the beginning of lockdown and we have been able to not only retain our wine tasting students but to gain further ones across Europe and Asia. The test tubes are perfectly sized and easy to use and transport and look pretty cool too! The service has been a lifeline to me and my students over 2020.

Damien Jackman
California Wines

Thank you for the great work you did with our bottling for Essential California at Home.  The wine quality seems to have been maintained perfectly and the process you undertook worked very well so thank you very much.