When designing our Return Bottles we wanted to make sure they immediately stood out on the shelf. Customers needed to know which bottles were part of our return scheme, creating an easy marker for them to bring it back or, for our trade customers, to pop them back in our signature crates for return directly to Sustainable Wine Solutions. 

Our chalk stripe is visible on every Return Bottle, providing instant recognition and coherence to our range. The chalk paint is water soluble, so we don’t need to use any harsh chemicals to neaten it up when bottles come back to us for reuse. We chose this marker not just for its distinctive appearance and practicality, but also for its history in the wine trade. 

Bottles of vintage Port were traditionally given a chalk ‘splash mark’. This was to help cellar hands know which side they had been stored on, helping you keep the sediment that collected over time in the bottle undisturbed when decanting. We loved the idea of giving a nod to a little bit of wine memorabilia and creating an easy to apply, distinctive look for our Return Bottles. 

Most importantly of course, following the white stripe means you’re saving a potential 30 bottles from the energy intensive production and recycling process. Cheers to the reuse revolution, and cheers to the environment!